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Did you know: Other Debt Consolidation companies charge large up-front fees putting you 
further in Debt and Offer solution and leave you with bad credit.

Credit Plan B was created to help people overcome their debt problems. We understand that most people don't choose to be in debt. We often find that our customers are victims of circumstances that have temporarily prevented them from managing their debts and keeping up to date.

Sadly, many troubled consumers who are desperate to resolve their financial problems find expensive 'solutions' that can negatively affect their long-term situation. We offer free alternatives that do not require up-front costs.

In helping people overcome their debt problems, we are considerate and respectful. We fully assess each customer's financial situation and provide solutions that are sensible and manageable. Credit Plan B has a proven track record in achieving positive outcomes for people seeking debt relief.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Corp Group, which has offices throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region, Credit Plan B has a solid foundation in the debt management industry.

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Credit Plan B testimonials


Melbourne, VIC

"When I was young and stupid I made some extremely bad financial decisions and realised that I was in way too deep. After months of trying to organise a debt agreement because I didn't think I had any other options, I was referred to Credit Plan B.

It is safe to say that is the best thing to happen to me. Everyone at Credit Plan B have been amazingly supportive and offered me assistance whenever I've needed it.

Now there are no more sleepless nights, wondering how I can right my wrongs, or wondering who is going to call me next.

I can't thank you enough for your support and for allowing me to get my financial life back on track."


Sydney, NSW

"I was in quite a bad financial situation, receiving daily phone calls from debt collectors unable to keep on top of my bills and struggling to find general living money.

I was referred to Credit Plan B, when I called I was assigned to Paul, my case worker whom was professional and friendly. We discussed my situation until we came to an agreeable solution.

As a result of this Paul has made my life a lot easier to manage. I need only pay one simple weekly payment, I have a great budget, leaving me money to spend on myself, I no longer receive phone calls from collectors and have made new friends along the way.

I really appreciate the hard work and effort Paul and the other employees at Credit Plan B have put in to help me and others like me.
Thank you."


Central Coast, NSW

"Just over twelve months ago I was facing bankruptcy.

Thank goodness for Credit Plan B! 

I found them to be helpful and willing to assist me with my financial problems and basically sorting out the mess I got myself into. 

Now I can afford to live and not worry about my debts. 

Thank you Credit Plan B for all your hard work."

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